November 17, 2022
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Stefánia Dein

Webinar about what’s new in Consteel 16

An effective structural design and dimensioning software is important for an structural engineer. Would you like to use Consteel confident and know its new features to make its work more effective? We will organize the Consteel webinar in 2022, where we welcome all those interested in our latest software version. We will introduce what’s new in Consteel 16 and how it makes easier your everyday work. So you can meet the new version before its release. The presentations will be also in ENGLISH and in Hungarian at different times.

Join the webinar in English

Join the webinar online on 24 November 2022. We are starting at 2:00 PM CET.

The event will take about 1.5 hours. The event will be free, but registration will be required.

Register for the webinar


József Szalai PhD,
Bálint Vaszilievits-Sömjén,
Senior Research Engineer
Ádám Kis, Development Engineer

Truly calculate your structures

We summarized our new developments in an article. Attend this webinar to see also all the new features in action:

  • Easy handling of limit states and load combinations
  • Filter of relevant load combinations
  • Advanced design of RC columns
  • The new spread footing design tool
  • Model versioning and compare
  • Combine Pangolin with Consteel models
  • Descript quick launch toolbar
  • Implemented user requests
  • and more…

See you soon at the event. If you would like to invite your colleagues, friends or business partners, you can also register using the link.

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Responsible for developing the marketing strategy and communication. Her goal is to make Consteel better targeted and well-known. She works closely with sales and design. Always open to new ideas.

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