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Stefánia Dein

Apply for The Steel Lion Award until April 5

The Steel Lion Award is an international competition for steel structural engineers until April 5 – students can also apply in a separate category. This award recognizes creative parametric solutions in the field of steel structure design, promoting innovation, creativity, and excellence. The winners will be announced at the International Consteel Meetup on April 11, where the presentations will focus on what we are passionate about. This year the competition is open for submissions again so don’t hesitate to apply!

The history of the award

The award was launched last year with great success and 30 steel structure models from different industries were submitted in 2022. For two years, The Steel Lion Award will include all ConSteel-related competitions and contests, including the Hungarian User Day contest or Diploma Competition, to create a high-level, internationally recognized professional or graduate award.

The Steel Lion Award is an innovative program designed to recognize and motivate skilled structural engineers from around the world to showcase their best projects at Consteel. Considering our extensive user base, which includes both local and international markets, we want to give all users the opportunity to enter their exceptional work into the competition.

This year, you can submit entries for the award until April 5, students can enter their diplomas alongside Hungarian and international projects, which will be subject to a separate evaluation.

In 2022, we have created a website where the submitted and collected models can be viewed in a spectacular online viewer. For more details on this prestigious award, please read the website of the Steel Lion Award.

How to apply with your project?

The size of the project or the size of the Consteel model is not a key factor during the evaluation, so smaller projects with creative, unique solutions are warmly welcome. To apply with your project, it is also free for everyone in 2024, with the prerequisite that the company must have a live Consteel license. A company can apply for the award with more than one project, and in that case, an application form must be completed for each project. The end of structural design (e.g., finished model) for all projects should be within the previous 5 years. Applications will close on April 5 and will be reviewed by the professional jury.

An international ConSteel team of structural engineering professionals and academic professors will evaluate the submitted projects. All projects that use scripting technologies (Pangolin or Descript) in their solution will be automatically evaluated for the Pangolin Award. We believe that this new technology is the future of structural steel design and that it is essential to promote its uptake and spread within the profession. The winners will be announced during the International Consteel Meetup on April 11. The detailed program of this event will be available soon. The detailed program of the event is available.


How to apply with your diploma?

To apply with your diploma, your thesis should be written between January 2022 and February 2024. If you are a student or have graduated in the last 2 years, you do not need to have a live Consteel license. The diplomas will not be evaluated together with the real projects submitted by experienced professionals. Applications will also close on April 5.


Winners announced on the International Consteel Meetup

The winner of each category will be announced at the International Consteel Meetup on April 11, 2024. We believe that the power of community multiplies the performance of individuals. That is why we consider community building important in the field of structural engineering, and an important step is to share our results with each other. This is perhaps the most valuable part of The Steel Lion Award, to show each other what and how we work in Consteel.

This year we won’t be focusing on structural design as a work or job. We would like to focus on structural design as a passion! We would like to discuss what can make our beloved profession an exciting and fascinating activity.  

Come and let us show you how Consteel supports what we think is the best part of structural engineering!

Turn your passion into efficiency!


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