Aprile 10, 2024
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Stefánia Dein

The new developments and updates video of Consteel 17 

Consteel 17 has been released! The new version concentrates entirely on usability, including improvements for efficient modeling, load adjustments and simplified calculations, broadened design result display and software interactions, and so much more. Watch our comprehensive guide!

We’ve already summarized the new features in our previous blog article, but we’ve also made a video with English and Hungarian subtitles. You can find the subtitles in the settings menu on our YouTube channel! Here are some highlights for inspiration:

🔹 Automatic model portions
🔹 X-brace
🔹 Improved handling of Load Transfer Surface loads
🔹 Extended and unified design results
🔹 New environment for software interactions (AxisVM plugin)
🔹 Numerous new Descript commands
🔹 Improvements for efficient modeling
🔹 Steelspace developments (detailed model compare, clipping plane, advanced collaboration management)

Watch our comprehensive guide on the new version

In this comprehensive video, we walk you through a step-by-step workflow guide, demonstrating how to leverage Consteel 17 to its full potential.

Explore the new features for free

Download the new version now!


If you are new to Consteel, you can explore the new features easily. After the release of Consteel 17, the new developments will be automatically available in our free trial version.

Our users who use our software with online protection will automatically have access to the latest version after installation. Consteel users with USB dongle protection will receive the necessary information to upgrade when the new version is released. For any problems with the update, please contact our support team.


Stefánia Dein

Responsible for developing the marketing strategy and communication. Her goal is to make Consteel better targeted and well-known. She works closely with sales and design. Always open to new ideas.

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