SAP2000 model import from Excel


This script imports a SAP2000 model that was previously exported to an Excel file. After starting the script, a dialogue window will ask for the file path of the Excel file, the direction of the Z axis (+, -), and the length unit of measurement (mm, cm, m) of the model to be imported. Also since the Excel file containing the SAP2000 model data may or may not have certain worksheets, which the script can not check by itself, the existence of these worksheets have to be determined and the checkboxes in the dialogue window checked accordingly. After the script reads out the cross-section definitions from the Excel file, another dialogue window will appear where the user has to review and confirm the section conversions. After this, no further user interaction is required for the import process.

The script can not import all possible kinds of model data from the Excel file. Only data from the following worksheets can be imported:
 - Joint Coordinates
 - Frame Props 01 - General
 - Frame Section Assignments
 - Connectivity - Frame
 - Frame Local Axes 1 - Typical
 - Frame Releases 1 - General
 - Frame Releases 2 - Part Fixity
 - Joint Restraint Assignments
 - Jt Spring Assigns 1 - Uncoupled
 - Load Pattern Definitions
 - Joint Loads - Force
 - Frame Loads - Point
 - Frame Loads - Distributed
 - Connectivity - Area
 - Area Loads - Uniform

If the import fails, it is advised to open the Descript code in the code editor and inspect the produced error. Maybe the model data, or the import script can be easily tweaked to work in that particular case.

Current version: 1.1 (release date: 2024.04.16.)
Made for Consteel 17 build 3303.
- Added import of nodal loads on nodes from 'Joint Loads - Force' worksheet.

v1.0 (release date: 2024.02.28.)

To DOWNLOAD this script, navigate to the MyDescript interface within Consteel, then click the "Edit" button next to the name of the script in the list. From there, the script can be saved to the computer. The availability of the "Edit" button depends on your membership level.
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