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We offer different subscription plans and membership levels to choose the best for your needs.

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Consteel is a complete, unique structural analysis and design software for steel, composite, and RC structures. This product provides all the tools for global structural modeling, analysis, design, and documentation. It also includes the structural steel connection design module fully integrated covering all the most commonly used connection types.

Subscription plans

You will need an active subscription to use Consteel software. Different subscription plans include basically a software license (defining the software seats, accesses) and Consteel Community Membership levels. There are one non-commercial (Trial) and three commercial plans.

The Trial plan is ideal for getting started with Consteel and to try its features for 30 days for free.

The Individual plan is for straight personal use where the contractor, payer, and end-user is one person.

The Team plan is suitable for companies where more engineers are using Consteel as end-users and the contractor and payer is not necessarily an end-user. In this plan, the use of Consteel can flexibly be managed and updated if necessary by the End-user management tool.

The Trial Premium plan is a special offer for those who would like to try Consteel without limitations. Under a risk-free contract that can be canceled at any time, we provide commercial use and Premium support to get the most out of your work for free for a month.


ideal for getting started
Trial Premium

to try the full potential of Consteel


for individual professionals


for structural design offices
Software useNon-commercialCommercialCommercialCommercial
Software access typeTrialFullStarter/FullStarter/Full
CommitmentNo commitmentRiskfree, cancellable contractSigned contractSigned contract
Number of software seats 111 Optional
Number of software access 121min. 2 access/seat
End-user management toolno yes noyes
Protection type Online Online USB dongle or OnlineUSB NET dongle or Online
Membership Pro PremiumOptional (Basic, Pro or Premium) Optional (Basic, Pro or Premium) for each access
Valid for 30 days 30 days According to pricing model According to pricing model

Request a Trial Premium to try Consteel with Full functionality and Premium Membership even for commercial projects or request an offer for a commercial plan

Free for students and educators

Have questions regarding the commercial plans? Different pricing models are available to satisfy any kind of use.

For further information compare all the software access types!

Consteel Community Membership

We offer a wide range of additional services within the multi-level Consteel Community Membership system, which is linked to all end-users through their software accesses to help them to work with Consteel more efficiently. For paid subscriptions, there are three membership levels to choose from so that each user can receive the services they need (Basic, Pro, or Premium). Trial subscriptions automatically include Pro or Premium levels.

Software protectionUSB dongle

Online protection without offline use
USB dongle

Online protection with offline use (72h)
except Trial and Student subscription plan
USB dongle

Online protection with offline use (72h)
Direct support no Basic support through Jira support systemBasic support through Jira support system

Advanced support by direct e-mail or phone

Model review

Project-based consultancy
Knowledge baseAccess to Basic materialsAccess to Basic and Pro materialsAccess to Basic, Pro, and Premium materials
Script LibraryExecute only access to Basic scriptsExecute and write access to Basic scripts

Execute only access to Pro scripts
Execute and write access to Basic, Pro, and Premium scripts
Cloud servicesCloud save of models

Online view of saved and shared models

100 MB/month bandwidth limit
Cloud save and share of models and results

Online view of saved and shared models and results

Desktop view and write of shared models and results

4 GB/month bandwidth limit
Cloud save and share of models and results

Online view of saved and shared models and results

Desktop view and write of shared models and results

10 GB/month bandwidth limit
Community servicesUser conference participationUser conference participation

Access to user contest

Access to Beta versions
User conference participation

Presenting at user conference

Access to user contest

Access to Beta versions

Subscription guide

Software license

With an active subscription, the end-user can use always the latest software version (no upgrade fee is required). During the subscription period, the software license grants the use (and in the Team plan the end-user management) by software accesses and software seats, the number of them is defined in the subscription plan.

Software use

With the subscription pricing model, the end-user can use always the latest software version (no upgrade fee is required). During the subscription period. The software use is provided by software access and software seats, the number of them is defined in the subscription plan.

How do software seats and accesses work?

Software access: grants the end-user the right to access and use Consteel software through software seats. Every access is connected to a Consteel Community Membership level.

Software seat: the software seats ensure simultaneous, independent software access as one seat can be taken only by one user at a time.

The licensing system allows the use of Consteel exclusively, but also to share a seat with several people if users need to work with Consteel less often.

In the Team plan, each software seat comes with two software accesses by default, but more software accesses can be requested for an additional fee if required. Any access can be flexibly connected to any seat in the end-user management tool. A quantity discount is available for multiple software seats.

Consteel Community Membership

The Consteel Community Membership is connected basically to the end-users through their software access. For each software access a Basic level Consteel Community Membership is automatically assigned.

How to assemble your subscription plan?

In an Individual plan, you only need to choose a software limitation (Starter or Full) and a Consteel Community Membership level (Basic, Pro or Premium) for your needs.

Teams are free to request different numbers of seats and access and various Consteel Community Membership levels associated with them.

Team plan guide

  1. Decide how many of you would like to use the software at the same time? This will give you the number of required seats.
  1. By default we provide two accesses per seat.
  1. If you need more access, you can request as much as you want.
  1. By default, all access is granted a Basic Consteel Community membership level.
  1. Users can be added to accesses. Higher-level memberships can be selected for an additional fee.
  1. Accesses can be flexibly assigned to seats, as one access can be assigned to several seats and more than one access can be assigned to one seat.

To learn how the End-user management tool works, read our Online Manual here.

Pricing models

Content of the subscription fees

The subscription fees of the paid (Individual and Team) subscription plans cover two basic types of services, the software license, and the Consteel Community Membership. Basic level Consteel Community Membership is free of charge, the Pro and Premium levels are optional choices for any of the software accesses with an additional fee.

Two pricing models are offered for the paid (Starter and the Business) subscription plans.

Subscription without entry fee

Classic subscription model with periodically billed fees of equal amounts. The subscription can be ended and restarted at any time. Ideal for project-based software use. Two types are available: 

  • Monthly subscription
  • Yearly subscription

Subscription with entry fee

A modified subscription model where the first, entry fee is a larger amount followed by an equal periodic fee term with significantly lower fees compared to the subscription model without entry fee (similar to the one-time license fee and yearly upgrade fee model). The subscription can be paused with special conditions. Ideal for company-based software use.

  • Only yearly subscription is available. 
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Compare software access types

Protection typeOnline USB Dongle or OnlineUSB Dongle or Online
Modeling yes yes yes
Analysis/DesignyesyFor models up to 50 bar and/or 10 surface elements. For larger models, it is not available.ye n yes
Connection DesignyOnly the following sections can be used: IPE270, HEA300, SHS80x4, SHS100x3, RHS100x80x3, CHS 101.6×3, L70x5. y yes yes
DocumentationyWatermark across the page: “Trial version”, printing is not possible.For models up to 50 bar and/or 10 surface elements. For larger models, it is not available.yes
SaveOnly cloud save availableCloud and local saveCloud and local save
ExportTekla export: 10 bar element as a maximum can be exported. No excel export.IFC, Tekla, Excel, Idea Statica, Rhino-Grasshopper for models up to 50 bar and/or 10 surface elements.IFC, Tekla, Excel, Idea Statica, Rhino-Grasshopper
Offline useNot availableAvailable with Pro or Premium membershipAvailable with Pro or Premium membership