Did you know that you could use Consteel to determine the critical temperature of a steel beam protected against fire with intumescent painting?

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A warehouse bulding model to learn more about the critical temperature feautre

The case study exposes a practical evaluation of fire resistance of an old structure of a Spanish industrial building composed of steel built-up members; the truss members are angles connected through packing plates and the columns are battened chords. A simple calculation model was used element by element. First, heat is transferred to individual steel elements by convection and radiation in thermal study. The contributions of these two modes of heat transfer were treated by a practical approach. In mechanical study, the second order analysis was used with global imperfections. Finally, the fire resistance was evaluated R15 after some proposals.

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Frederic Marimon, Albert Jiménez, Miquel Ferrer A practical approach to study of fire resistance of a steel structure with open built up members and columns. COST Action TU0904 Integrated Fire Engineering and Response

In Hungary only since 2008 is allowed to use the structural fire engineering methods for fire design. The Eurocode provides methods and standards for these calculations. The practising engineers have no experience to apply these methods; therefore studies are made about them, like this, which is based on a bachelor thesis work. Our intention is also dual. First we study the fire design process of the frequently used steel structures and present it to the practising engineers. On the other hand we analyse the maximum fire resistance of these unprotected steel structures, and looking for different methods to fulfil the requirements of R30 fire resistance class.

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Patrik Takács, László Horváth, István Szontágh. Fire design of a steel hall without fire protection. Proceedings of METNET Seminar 2011 in Aarhus 74-85