Easy way to directly modify coordinates


It happens quite often, that you need to import static models from another modeling software into Consteel. This is a very practical and effective solution to simplify your work. However, it is very important that the original model is accurate. If not, it could easily lead to unpleasant problems for the user.

How it works

In the example given below, there was a very small distance between the endpoints of some of the columns.

Consteel has an automatic correction algorithm that attempts to correct assumed modelling errors like this by merging nearby nodes. So the error correcting algorithm moves the top node of the column to the bottom node of the other.

After that, the column is no longer vertical. When running the analysis, there will be a message that “the columns are not exactly vertical”. It is only a warning message to inform you that your column is not vertical for some reason and it is up to you to decide whether or not to change that. If you decide to make the column vertical, you can do it easily. Please watch the video and follow the steps below.

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