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Consteel 14 is a powerful analysis and design software for structural engineers. Watch our video how to get started with Consteel.



In Consteel there is a possibility to perform a model check on the structure to reveal modelling errors. This model check or diagnostics can be separated to First and Second level model diagnostics.



It happens quite often, that you need to import static models from another modeling software into Consteel. This is a very practical and effective solution to simplify your work. However, it is very important that the original model is accurate. If not, it could easily lead to unpleasant problems for the user.


The portal frames composed of tapered welded I-shaped structural members play important roles in the industrial buildings. The application of the relatively thin plates and the optimized fabrication makes these structures being competitive against the light truss structures at least in the range of 24–36 meters span. Competition has resulted in lesser selfweights using thin plated slender cross-sections, which are sensitive to local buckling. However, the development of structures concerning local buckling was delayed in Hungary by the conservative specifications of the MSz 15024 standard. The application of the new EN 1993 standard may cause radical development in the design of tapered structural elements with relatively thin plates. This paper introduces the methods as well as the advantages of the new design methodology.

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Papp F. Változó gerincmagasságú keretszerkezet tervezése az EN 1993 szabvány szerint a ConSteel programmal. MAGÉSZ ACÉLSZERKEZETEK II:(3) pp. 40-53. (2005)