Czy chcą Państwo oprzeć true structural behaviour of your model?

Level up your design process with Consteel

Intelligent software solutions for structural engineers designing steel, composite and RC structures

Consteel provides the best features to trust in your design

Global modelling

Enjoy the freedom of realistic structural modelling


Understand the real behaviour of your model!

Steel design

Check the performance of your steel structural model automatically!

Concrete & composite design

Verify the RC and composite members of your model!

Connection design

Keep up-to-date with connections!

Structure-joint interaction

Integrate connections into the global model!

BIM links

Exchange your model with Tekla, Grasshopper or other software!

Consteel 14 is here!

Consteel is a unique tool of its kind which is being continuously renewed.

Discover its new features!

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Overall Imperfection Method

A level-up in general stability verification of steel structures.

Smart Link

Smart link elements provide dynamically adopting connectivity between the elements to ensure a consistent structural model at every step during structural optimisation.

Critical temperature

The well-known global stability design method of ConSteel is now extended to provide the critical temperatures needed for the specification of the amount and type of applied painting.

Grasshopper connection

Pangolin is a Grasshopper plugin to integrate the structural modelling and analysis of Consteel into your parametric Grasshopper definitions.

Structural steel is going to space!

Thinking of sharing your structural model and its results with your colleagues remotely?

Do you seek calculations missing from your software to supplement your structural design?

Do you wish you had a platform where you can easily share your own developed structural design solution with interested users, without having to deal with implementing tools for model inputs or graphical interface?

Steelspace is connecting these needs on a cloud-based platform.

“Като дългогодишен потребител на Consteel следя развитието на програмата от нейното въвеждане до днес. Мога да потвърдя, че това е отличен и надежден инструмент за всеки строителен инженер. Използвайки го, дори и най-сложните инженерни задачи могат да бъдат решени.”

László Tornai
Toring LP, Hungary

“Нашият опит е много положителен. Софтуерът има удобен интерфейс и предлага бърз процес на изчисление. Съветниците за автоматично натоварване от вятър и сняг помагат значително по време на определянето на товара. Използването на Общ метод за глобална проверка на стабилността позволява да се борави със сложни конструкции. Анализът, използващ елемент със 7 степени на свобода, визуализацията на формите на загуба на устойчивост за всяка комбинация от товари, както и изчислените множители за критично натоварване осигуряват ценна информация за инженера. Основен инструмент за инженерите по метални конструкции.”

José Andrés Rojas
Probogés Industrial, Spain

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