The newest update version of Consteel 15 has been released. The update contains mainly bug fixes and comes together with the renewal of Steelspace, our cloud-based collaboration platform.

Innovations in Steelspace

With new technological solutions and a rethinking of the overall user experience, we were able to define a new direction for the Steelspace. We redesigned the foundations of the service to facilitate effective collaboration during engineering work in the long term. Please read our blogpost to get to know the developments.

French National Annex implemented

French National Annex is now available within EN standards, Nationally Determined Parameters are defined and ready to be used.  

French National Annex implemented

Although Consteel offers a variety of EN NA’s, if you cannot find the annex you need, you are still able to define a new, custom one in an easy way.

Word-export of documentation

Many of you could have experienced problems with exporting the documentation to Microsoft Word. The collaboration with other software is never easy and we are continuously working to fix the upcoming issues. We recently discovered that the response spectrum graph is the cause of opening issues of the generated Word documentation, so for the time being this diagram below has been removed from the export, but the documentation still includes it. So it is possible to copy it as a picture and paste it to the Word document.

Response spectrum graph in the documentation

Decimal and rounding issues fixed

Since the background refactoring works prior to Consteel 15 release, we faced recurring problems with decimal separators, number of decimals and rounding at input cells. We trust that with latest developments we eliminated these kinds of problems successfully. 

In this regard, and in general, we encourage you to report any issues you encounter while working with Consteel or share your needs/ideas for new features through our support system.

Further bug fixes and improvements

For further details, please see the Version information document.

A new update version of Consteel 15 is released. The modifications done are described in detail in the Version information document as usual, but we would like to highlight some of them here for you.

Extended ‘Help menu’ and new ‘Help tab

We have extended our ‘Help menu’ and implemented a new ‘Help tab’ for the essential support-related requests to make posting support issues more convenient. Please visit our blog post for more details.

New version notification in Project center

We realized that many of you do not work with the latest software version and that it may be because we changed our old habit to notify you with a message box about the availability of the new version. So, we returned to the previous method and there will be a pop-up message box every time a new version is out. It will only appear once per version to avoid frustrating you, but the green notification in the header of the Project center will remain as a reminder.

Clicking on Download will take you to our website. The process is authenticated so you won’t need to log in again if you are already logged in Consteel.

Notification of the expiration of your access

Another notification will inform you if your access is soon to expire. Clicking on the note will take you to Access expires FAQ on our website and give you all the information about what to do.

USB dongle driver removed from the installation package

Following the generally-used approach, we decided to remove the driver for the USB dongle from the installation package. We would like to encourage all of you to switch to online protection as many of you already did. This step is part of the transformation process.

The driver will be no longer available from the installation package

But in case you still need this driver, it will be available from the Downloads menu on our website. After downloading the exe file, install the driver on the usual way.

Stabilization of cloud save functionalities

Fixes have been added to stabilize the feature and fix authentication errors and fixes have been implemented to prevent errors that result in incorrect file uploads.

Further bug fixes and improvements

There are a few bug fixes which you can check in the Version information document.