ConSteel Solutions Ltd. is a software developer company specialized in structural analysis and design for steel, composite structures with more than 20 years of experience in steel design.

Our story

Start of the story of Consteel with a Ph.D. dissertation at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics with the title: "Computer-aided design of steel beam-column structures" by prof. Ferenc Papp
Establishment of a professional developer team at KESZ Holding Ltd., the largest Hungarian steel manufacturer and construction company, for the development of Consteel originally only for internal design application own projects
Release of the first version ConSteel 1.0 with a 3D graphical user interface
Start of sales in Hungary
Release of Consteel Joint (csJoint), the ultimate connection analysis software module for a wide range of standard connection geometries
Start of international sale with the Consteel 4.0 version having a brand new UI, entering into the first distribution agreement in the Netherlands
Announcement of the CUTE program (Collaboration with Universities in Teaching Eurocode), educational and research licenses in several universities and institutes in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Germany, Spain, Austria, Finland, Italy, UK
Founding of ConSteel Solutions Ltd. structural engineering R&D and consultancy company as a member of the KESZ Group, taking over the development, marketing and sales of Consteel
Progressive growth of the reseller network: Poland, Romania, Singapore, Spain, South-America, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
Continuous release of several new pioneering functionalities for the new way of steel structural design: complete integration of connection stiffness, partial model analysis, buckling sensitivity analysis, buckling mode based imperfection analysis
The lead researchers of Consteel become part of the ECCS-TC8 (European Convention for Constructional Steelwork – Technical Committee 8) responsible for the evolution of new Eurocode standards
Release of the internal programming interface csPI
The Consteel software won the Hungarian Quality Product Award
Release of new unique analysis and design tools for frame corner calculations, cold-formed steel design
Release of Pangolin, the Grasshopper integration plugin
Release of Steelspace, an open platform for structural engineers to connect and collaborate

Our mission

The mission behind all developments of Consteel is the overall reform of the way of structural design in three different aspects. These aspects encompass design methodology, software technology, and user community.


We continuously research and implement the most modern ways of steel design based on high-level, integrated numerical analysis. We are also seriously dealing with design issues outside of the standard methods in order to offer practical solutions for the engineers in these complex fields as well.


We built a highly automated calculation system with modularity and flexibility in its focus. With its help, as an engineer, you can shortcut your design process, so you can focus on planning great buildings. Seeing the changes in the software and hardware used in different engineering fields, we are committed to reconstructing the outdated workflow of structural engineering, with the support of the newest on-premise and cloud-based solutions.


We want to support a new generation of user community where the governing working rules are collaboration and knowledge sharing. Our dream is to connect demands and solutions, users and developers, models and calculations from all over the world to help a truly efficient design workflow utilizing the power of the engineering community.

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