new update available for Consteel 17
July 9, 2024
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Brigitta Fehér

New update in Consteel 17

The latest update in Consteel 17 has been released. Let’s explore some of the most significant improvements that will enhance everyday usability.

Over the last few months we have spent time on bug fixing in addition to major releases and internal development projects. With these changes, the latest version of Consteel 17 has been released. It is available via a small bell icon in the Project Center, and the installation file is available as usual on the website on the Downloads page.

In addition to bug fixes, the new version also contains some minor improvements and changes, some of which are presented here.

Danish NA is implemented in the Standards Library

If you encounter Danish work, there is no need to define a unique standard afterward because the Danish National Annex has been incorporated in the Consteel standards library. Alongside the appropriate safety factors, the special load combination generation rules can also be used.

Although, Consteel offers a variety of EN NA’s, if you cannot find the annex you need, you are still able to define a new, custom one in an easy way.

IDEA StatiCa cooperation with Consteel

The IDEA StatiCa traditionally releases its latest developments every year in April, which usually necessitates an update to the Consteel – IDEA connection as well. This update has been implemented in this Consteel release.

Small changes in documentation

For better clarity, we have reorganized the documentation of SLS (Serviceability Limit State) checks and the Earthquake analysis.

Visualization improved

Two small but very useful modifications have been included:

  • The model’s position on the screen remains the same when switching between windows. Previously, for example, when switching from the ‘Structural members’ tab to the ‘Analysis’ tab, the structure would shift due to the appearance of the table containing the results. This has now been changed so that precise work is possible.
  • Additionally, the display of surface loads on plates has been modified, so the surface load remains visible even in distributed representation.

Further implementations

  • Updated Google Analytics has been introduced to measure usage statistics. The information obtained will only be used for further product development and problem-solving purposes. This feature can be disabled by clicking on the ‘Update’ tab in the ‘Settings’ menu, but it will be automatically enabled after each installation.
  • The ‘Hide’ and ‘Detail Model View’ icons now appear in the ‘Auto Portions’ window as well.
  • The ‘The actions can be favorable in a combination’ checkbox is now checked by default for every load case. This results in the generation of significantly more load combinations, but all are necessary according to the standards. With the ‘Load Combination Filtering’ feature released in version 16, the number of considered load combinations can be safely and efficiently reduced.
  • For Tapered members, the ‘Frame Corner Wizard’ will consider the height of the end of the bar rather than the average height when creating the finite element.

Further bug fixes

In addition to the above, the new version also includes several bug fixes. Descriptions of these fixes can be found in the Version information document.

The author

Brigitta Fehér

Participates in development and testing of new software features and prepares support materials. Due to her designer background, logical structure and easy usability of Consteel functions is her priority.

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