Februar 17, 2022
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Stefánia Dein

First international ConSteel Award launched

In the future, the new Steel Lion Award will include all ConSteel-related competitions and contests – including the Hungarian User Day contest or Diploma Competition – to create a high-level, internationally recognized professional or graduate award for the Consteel user community. It is an initiative that celebrates and inspires structural engineer talents all over the world to compete with their best projects made in Consteel. In this article, we have put together a summary of how our incentive programs have evolved and how it supports the cultural sector at the same time.

Why have we created an international award?

The idea of creating a high-level international award for the Consteel user community has been ripe for a long time. Consteel software is a unique and advanced solution for designing steel structures helping engineers to create many excellent projects around the world every year. We would like to show these to the wider engineering community, so you can see how many creative implementations there are and how much the software can be used for.

In Hungary, we have already launched a smaller, domestic version of this award, in which our users have submitted many great projects and we have rewarded them every year on the Hungarian User Day contest. You can see previous winners here.

The first international Steel Lion Award

The Steel Lion Award is an initiative that celebrates and inspires structural engineer talents all over the world to compete with their best projects made with Consteel. As we are not only in the domestic market but also have a significant number of international users, we wanted to give them the opportunity to enter the competition with their work. Therefore, we launched the first international Steel Lion Award on 1 February 2022, which is not only open to Hungarian projects but now also looking for international ones. More information about the award can be found here.

The trophy was put out to competition among Hungarian artists and from the entries received we chose a young sculptor, Mihály Ágoston Gyurcsovics. Just as the lion is considered the king of the animals, with this The Steel Lion Award we are highlighting the best projects from the submitted models. In addition to the sculpture’s clean and elegant design, it was also important that the structure of the lion’s interior symbolized the steel structure design and valuable global connections that the ConSteel team has. The material of the award is stainless steel, which in addition to its structural functionality, is also excellent design material.

The Steel Lion trophy
Mihály Ágoston Gyurcsovics, sculptor

How to apply?

Currently, we have made it free for everyone to enter the competition, with a prerequisite that the company must have a live Consteel license. A company can apply for the award with more than one project, in which case an application form must be completed for each project. The size of the project or the size of the Consteel model is not a key factor during the evaluation, so the smaller projects with creative, unique solutions are warmly welcome. Applications will close on 16 March 2022 and will be reviewed by the professional jury.

The submitted projects will be evaluated by an international Consteel team of structural engineering professionals, academic professors. All the projects where the solution includes the use of scripting technologies (Pangolin or Descript) will be automatically evaluated for the Pangolin award. We believe that this new technology is the future of structural steel design, which is why we believe it is important to promote its uptake and spread within the profession. The winners will be announced during the International Consteel Meetup on 24 March 2022. More information about the event will be coming soon.

Apply for submission

What happens with the Diploma Competition?

The launched Steel Lion Award will include all ConSteel-related competitions and contests. This means that the domestic competition will no longer be organized separately, but instead, projects will be assessed globally, and the Diploma Competition, which was announced in previous years, will be merged into it. In 2023, the next competition for civil engineering graduates will be launched under The Steel Lion Award umbrella. This will be a change of name, of course, and the diploma will not be evaluated together with the projects submitted by experienced professionals.

As we have received thesis from surrounding countries this year, which we consider to be a great step forward and see it as a good idea to expand this to an international competition, so that in the future young people from abroad will also have the opportunity to participate.


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