Battened column


Creates a battened column built up from beam elements. Parameters such as the insertion point, column dimensions, section sizes, support conditions etc. can be controlled through input dialogues after the start of the script.

Current version: 1.2 (release date: 2024.05.22.)
- Updated link creation order. Now link is created after the members it links together.
- Added code that checks if a section is already loaded. If it is, then the already loaded section will be used.

v1.1 (release date: 2023.09.25.)
- Fixed a bug that gave an error, if the 2 chord sections were the same

v1.0 (release date: 2021.10.26.)

To DOWNLOAD this script, navigate to the MyDescript interface within Consteel, then click the "Edit" button next to the name of the script in the list. From there, the script can be saved to the computer. The availability of the "Edit" button depends on your membership level.
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The author

Adam Machowiak

Consteel reseller / Structural Engineer, STRENCO