Section optimization SHS


This script tries to find an optimal section for an already existing and loaded structure. This version focuses only on SHS sections. The list of available section sizes are read from an Excel spreadsheet, which can be modified. Algorithm: - List all members that currently have SHS sections. These will be optimized - Load all available SHS sections into the model based on the Excel spreadsheet - Run an initial analysis with existing sections - Based on static results set an initial section size for each member - Start design iteration: - Run analysis and design calculation - Check if utilization is below the maximum limit with the smallest possible section size for all members - Change sections accordingly - Repeat until exit criteria is met for all members, or section sizes can no longer be increased or decreased based on the available selection - End script run Current version: 1.1 Release notes: - The Excel spreadsheet with the list of available sections is now kept open for possible modification while the user input dialogue is displayed Known limitations: - Only works with S235 steel grade - Considers all present load combinations. It is advised to have only a few critical load combinations in the model. Attachment files are saved to the following storage location: C:\Users\[Current User]\Documents\ConSteel\MyDescripts


The author

Márton Lendvai

Responsible for planning and testing of software features and engineering-related tasks.