Tapered frame with results


The beginner users can efficiently use the script for model generation and optimization purposes, to get a sneak peek in structural parametric design. The advanced users can step by step explore its actual functioning and understand how the Grasshopper data structuring is solved, thanks to the detailed description offered at the beginning of the script.

Its main purpose is to generate a frame structure with tapered members. The dimensions of the initial cross section, the tapering dimensions. the global dimensions of the structure and the line load intensity are the main parameters. 

The script also provides methods to handle the results returned from Consteel to Grasshopper. It is possible to visualize the internal forces, deformations, utilization ratios, deformed and buckling shapes.

Beyond that the script gives some recommended minimal values for tapering heights according to simple principles and the calculation results, making possible an iterative optimization by the user.

Current version: 2.1 (release date: 2022.10.10.)


Load generation
Structure creation

The author

Ádám Kis

As a Structural Engineer he was obsessed with parametric design methods. He is convinced that it can be efficient for any design task. This is how he came to the dark side and works as a developer on Pangolin. As a PhD student, he researches the implementation of simulation methods in Consteel.