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3D hall with tapered frames


This script creates a 3D hall with tapered frames built up from welded I sections. Additionally, load transfer surfaces for the frames, roof and wall purlins, supports and some loads are also created. The main input parameters can be controlled through an input dialogue after the start of the script: span, frame distance, column height, top height, number of frames. Section parameters and the point of insertion can also be controlled through the script code. Current version: 1.1 (release date: 2022.05.13.) Fixes: - Now the load generation doesn't rely on the default load case being called "Loadcase", which was not true if the default model language was not English, and therefore caused an error. Instead the script creates new load groups and load cases, and use those for load application. v1.0 (release date: 2021.10.25.)


The author

Márton Lendvai

Responsible for planning and testing of software features and engineering-related tasks.