Simplified analysis + design run package


This script starts an analysis run and a design calculation consecutively for all load combinations.

The following settings can be controlled from the input dialogue at the start of the script run:
- 1st or 2nd order analysis
- Consideration of stability
-- Number of requested buckling shapes
-- Selection setting for elastic critical factor
-- Selection setting for ultimate resistance factor
-- Setting for reduction factor
- Design for cold formed members
- Design for composite columns
- Design for reinforced concrete beams
- Design for reinforced concrete columns

Current version: 1.1 (release date: 2023.02.06.)

v1.0 (release date: 2022.04.26.)

To DOWNLOAD this script, navigate to the MyDescript interface within Consteel, then click the "Edit" button next to the name of the script in the list. From there, the script can be saved to the computer. The availability of the "Edit" button depends on your membership level.
More info about the MyDescript interface and our membership system is available at these links:

The author

Márton Lendvai

Responsible for planning and testing of software features and engineering-related tasks.